Mineral Powders

From Polynesia’s mineral resources, South Pacific Ingredients produces fabulous texture ingredients. Each product is exclusively obtained from renewable raw materials, without ecological impact and with all the required approvals.

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Coral powder

INCI Europe: Coral powder.

INCI US: Coral powder.

Black Pearl Powder from Tahiti

INCI Europe: Pearl powder.

INCI US: Pearl powder.

Polynesian Nacre Powder

INCI Europe: Nacre powder.

INCI US: Mother OF pearl.

Bora-Bora Exfoliating White Sand

INCI Europe: Calcium carbonate.

INCI US: Calcium carbonate.

Volcanic sand exfoliating from Tahiti

INCI Europe: Silica.

INCI US: Silica.

Vanilla Exfoliating Black Grains

INCI Europe: Vanilla Planifolia fruit.

INCI US: Vanilla Planifolia fruit.