In 2022, the organic tiare flower fields in Tahiti were submitted to a rigorous audit by the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT). The purpose of the audit was to check that cultivation practices respected the sustainability, ethics and biodiversity standards set by the UEBT. The result of this audit confirmed the certification of the organic tiare flower fields produced by Pacifique Sud Ingrédients in Tahiti, guaranteeing the quality and responsible origin of this emblematic flower.


The Union for Ethical BioTrade is an international organisation which aims to promote biodiversity, ethical trade and sustainability in industries using ingredients derived from biodiversity. UEBT certification ensures that products respect fundamental principles such as respect for biodiversity, fair benefit sharing, respect for human rights and good environmental practice.


The UEBT audit is a detailed process which evaluates all stages of production, from the cultivation of the plants to the processing of the ingredients. For the organic tiare flower fields in Tahiti, the audit involved a meticulous assessment of cultivation practices, natural resource management, pesticide use, product traceability and commitment to local communities.

The 2022 UEBT audit confirmed that the organic tiare flower fields in Tahiti, produced by Pacifique Sud Ingrédients, met the rigorous sustainability, ethical and biodiversity standards set by the UEBT. This UEBT certification guarantees that organic tiare flower is grown responsibly, preserving local biodiversity, supporting communities and offering consumers a guarantee of quality and ethical origin.